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Original Bearded Dragon Years to Human Years Calculator

Many bearded dragon owners want to know how old is their dragon in human years by calculating Bearded Dragon Years To Human Years. We offer a useful tool to help you get the correct number.

This calculator is originally created by uniquepetswiki team.

Before the purchase, many of the reptile hobbyists are much interested in how long their new friend can live. It’s one way of showing the level of care needed. 

How long a bearded dragon can live will depend on a wide range of factors. Typically, a beardie can live up to 12 years or even more under proper care. 

Here, we’ll learn about bearded dragon years to human years, their life expectancy, factors affecting the quality of their life, and more. 

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Bearded Dragon Years to Human Years

Have you ever wondered how old your bearded dragon is in human years? Indeed, beardies and other reptiles grow and mature at different rates.

Therefore, the comparison between your beardie age to human years is only an estimate. 

If you need to know how many years is your bearded dragon equivalent to human years, it’s straightforward.

You only need to do simple manual calculations to convert your pet’s years to human years. 

Before that, you need to know how old a one-year bearded dragon is in human years. But keep in mind that this is not something accurate but an estimate.

Let’s continue reading

Now, it’s believed that one year in humans corresponds to approximately seven dog years. So, how old is a one-year beardie in human years? 

Dogs vary in their lifespan depending on the breeds; there are those that will live approximately for eight years while other breeds can go up to 15; this gives a range of 8-15 years. The average age will be 11.5 years.

This calculator is originally created by uniquepetswiki team.

11.5 dog years equates to 80.5 human years (11.5 *7=80.5). Based on our calculations, the average life expectancy for humans is 80.5 years. Now, let’s see the ratio between human age to bearded dragon age.

Bearded dragons have an average lifespan that is approximately ten years. Divide the average human lifespan by the beardie average lifespan to get the ratio. 80.5/10 gives 8.05. Hence, one bearded dragon year equates to eight years in humans.

Bearded dragon years to human years calculator

20 Years

Eg: Your bearded dragon is 2 years 6 months old. The first box you will enter 2, the second box you will enter 6. Convert to human years will be 20 Years

With this basic knowledge, you can now calculate any age of a bearded dragon, whether young or old. 

Why Change a Bearded Dragon Age to the Human Age? 

Bearded Dragon Years to Human Years

Changing a bearded dragon age to human age helps you to compare different activities between the two creatures. For instance, a newly hatched dragon will start to walk after a few days while a human infant can learn to walk after a year. 

Human babies will start to eat solid food when they are a few months old, probably six months, while a baby beardie begins to eat insects and veggies after a couple of days. 

It is always good to know how our pets or animals differ from us as humans. It’s fun, and you get to appreciate the aging difference between humans and animals. 

Bearded Dragon Average Life Expectancy

Bearded Dragon Average Life
Bearded Dragon Average Life

If you are interested in longevity, bearded dragons can be a better option compared to some reptile pets. The number of years that most wild animals tend to live is different from their domesticated counterparts, and beardies are no exception.  

New to the bearded dragon? Check out the bearded dragon care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about bearded dragons as pets. Check it now!

Let’s major in the bearded dragon average lifespan both in the wild and captivity. First, let me start by saying something usual. The level of care when it comes to pets varies from one pet keeper to another. 

There are those pet owners who are more responsible and attentive when it comes to caring for these adorable pets. At the same time, don’t be shocked to get someone who doesn’t even care about the well-being of his/her pet. Where do you belong? 

The quality and number of years a bearded dragon will live in captivity directly depend on your caring level. 

Caring for Bearded Dragons in Captivity 

Bearded Dragon Captivity Caring
Bearded Dragon Captivity Caring

Owning a bearded dragon means that you have to provide everything that your pet needs. The beardie depends on you for its food, supplementation, housing, bathing, lighting, heating, and more. All the tasks are on you. 

As a good and responsible pet owner, make sure to provide your beardie with well-balanced nutrition, proper supplements, sufficient space, correct heating, and lighting, etc.

If you fulfill all these measures in the right way, your pet can live much longer, from 8-12 years. 

Interestingly, a few of the owners take a step further from what an average dragon owner can do. Here are how these unique and rare owners care for their pet, which means a lot to them. 

The lifespan of a bearded dragon depends on the diet, habitat, temperature, health conditions, and humidity of the enclosure. If you maintain the best environment in the enclosure, the bearded dragon can live up to 15 years.

Bearded Dragons in the Wild

Bearded Dragon in the Wild
Bearded Dragon in the Wild

Life in the wild tends to be more challenging and quite unfavorable. Bearded dragons are desert animals; they originated from the Australian desert. 

Unlike in captivity, wild bearded dragons are independent animals. It is in them to hunt insects and look for plants to eat. They are also directly exposed to sunlight during the day where they enjoy basking. 

The average life expectancy for wild bearded dragons ranges from 5-8 years, which is much shorter than in captivity. In the wild, beardies are prone to predation, and sometimes it is not guaranteed that they will get food.

If a dragon is sick, there is no treatment. Life can be more difficult for the desert beardies causing them to die early. It is uncommon to find a beardie above eight years; only the lucky ones exceed the average age of 5-8 years. 

Captive Bearded Dragons Under Improper Care

Some people are keeping a dragon just to have one, without giving the necessary care, and this is one way of stressing a bearded dragon. If a beardie does not receive what it needs, just like any other animal, it will die sooner than expected. 

If the environment of the enclosure is poorly maintained or there are bad conditions in the bearded dragon, it will not live long. Because in captivity, the bearded dragon’s health totally depends on the owner. Poor conditions can weaken the immune system and make it susceptible to various health issues. As a result, the bearded dragon can die at any stage of life

The beardies that are poorly kept can live for a maximum of five years; it is only a few who may go past that age, reaching only up to eight years. 

What Affects How Long a Bearded Dragon Can Live?

How Long Bearded Dragon Lives
How Long Bearded Dragon Lives

Certain factors can affect how long a beardie can live as we are going to see them. 

New to the bearded dragon? Check out the bearded dragon care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about bearded dragons as pets. Check it now!


The environment has to do with everything from heating, lighting, spacing, and the substrate to use. The right temperature for a bearded dragon cage should range from 95-110℉ in the hottest part, and in the cooler part 75-80℉. Humidity should be between 30 to 40%.

Bearded dragons require adequate space where they can move freely and make them feel comfortable. Also, ensure you use an excellent substrate for the beardie. Failure to provide all the requirements expectedly can subject your beardie to stress. 

There is nothing worse than keeping your beardie in a stressful environment; stress is a major factor that reduces beardie longevity.


Eating healthy food is important to stay healthy; the same applies to bearded dragons. The beardies that consistently get access to good nutrition and better supplements appear healthy and tend to live longer. 

Lack of good nutrition exposes the dragon to a lot of health complications, stress, and diseases. A beardie under poor nutrition may die earlier, even below five years. 


There exist different species of bearded dragons, but the pogona vitticeps species is a common one as pets. These species tend to be larger than the other species. Larger dragons have increased longevity compared to smaller dragons. 

In terms of sex, males tend to live longer than females. Males are larger and tougher and don’t produce offspring; these can be the reasons for increased longevity. 

How Can You Tell How Old is Your Bearded Dragon?

How To Tell Bearded Dragon Age
How to Tell Bearded Dragon Age

Getting the age of a beardie can be quite difficult, but there are a few ways that have helped people in determining their dragon’s age. Let’s see them. 

Consulting a Breeder

Most breeders keep records about the animals they breed. If you have bought your bearded dragon from a breeder, ensure to visit them for any details to do with your pet. The breeder will give you the exact age of your pet, at any time. 

Measuring Your Beardie Age & Size

Measuring how long your beardie is, from head to tail tip, is another way to determine its age. 

The method applies to beardies that are no more than one year old. After taking the measurements, the next step is to compare the value obtained on the bearded dragon size chart. The chart gives an estimation of the dragon’s age. 

Age Length (inches)
Up to four weeks3-4
Eight weeks5-9
12 weeks 8-11
16 weeks9-12
20 weeks 11-16
24 weeks11-18
32 weeks13-20
48 weeks16-22

Telling a Beardie’s Age by Sexual Maturity 

Typically, a bearded dragon becomes sexually mature as early as eight months, up to 12 months old. A pair of bulges only appear when the dragon is sexually mature, So,you can tell when your beardie is between 8-12 months by looking at the bulges that start to develop under the tail. 

The bulges mainly help you to distinguish the gender of your dragon. Males have two bulges and females one bulge. 

How To Tell Bearded Dragon Age


Identifying a bearded dragon’s age is always important. The beardie’s age determines what kind of food to give and when to change the diet, for instance, from babies to juvenile diet, etc.

 Also, for you to compare your beardie age with human age, you must know the real age of your dragon. 

Those are just a few, knowing a bearded dragon age helps you to care for your beardie and provide for its needs in the right way.

For that matter, working with a breeder is the best option to get the exact age of your bearded dragon. 

I hope the article has been helpful to you and you are now capable of telling the age of your beardie. 

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