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Best Rubber Snakes To Scare Birds Away – Do Fake Snakes Scare Birds?

Are birds a threat to your fruit, vegetable garden, or home? You are trying to scare birds away but don’t succeed? Here are what to do: rubber snakes to scare birds away.

Birds are famous in our gardens for various reasons, but sometimes they can be disastrous to the existing crops. Immediate action will be necessary to save the plants and curb any possible losses. Birds have a natural fear of their predators. So, can we use a fake snake to scare birds away? Let’s find out. 

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This review will explain the most effective and reliable way to scare birds away. 

What are Rubber Snakes?

Rubber snakes are images that look exactly like a real snake but are immobile and can act as potent bird scarers. Some people have wrong beliefs about snakes and will not be reluctant to take a flight when they see one. Little do they know that snakes can make a beautiful garden, farm, and home companion.

Rubber Snakes To Scare Birds
Rubber Snakes To Scare Birds

Rubber snakes are magical devices in keeping undesirable birds from your properties. 

The rubber snakes to control birds are readily available materials and suitable for use by anyone. They are not living creatures, cannot harm you, so see them as useful items to have around. Make use of the rubber snakes in your garden and home to realize the vital roles they can play in getting rid of the destructive birds. 

Fake snakes are also useful in controlling other animals like rabbits and squirrels that usually visit the gardens to eat vegetable crops and fruits. Not all rubber snakes have a realistic look like the real snake, for convenience, make sure you purchase the one that genuinely resembles a live snake. Birds are curious creatures and can quickly know when you are fooling them 

Do Rubber Fake Snakes Scare or Keep Birds Away?

Most of the successful methods that help to keep birds away from yards or a target property cause fear in birds. Typically, birds are afraid of anything that they fear can harm them, for instance, the owls, snakes, shiny objects, cats, and other birds.

Rubber Fake Snakes Scare or Keep Birds Away
Rubber Fake Snakes Scare or Keep Birds Away

Some snakes often feed on birds and bird eggs, which usually makes the fowl to panic about a snake’s appearance. Therefore, rubber fake snakes will also frighten the birds and is an excellent practice to keep them away.

To make the rubber snake appear to be an actual snake to birds, ensure they don’t remain static in the garden.

Move the snake often from one region to another to avoid the birds getting used to your scarer. If birds realize that the snake remains in the same position throughout, they will detect that it is a fake animal. A perfect and long-term scarer must move.  

Why Use Rubber Snakes to Keep Birds Away?

Birds are difficult to handle and can easily upset someone, especially when they keep on coming after you drive them away.

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As a wise person, don’t just think of how you are going to eradicate the birds today only, consider tomorrow also.

Some procedures, such as using traps or poison to control the bird, are temporary. They will only give the solution for today, while tomorrow, new birds will come, and you will still need to repeat the process.

A perfect and economical solution should be long-term; perpetual treatment is expensive.

Using the rubber snakes to scare the birds is environmentally friendly, cheap, reliable and can solve the problem once for all. You can hang the fake snake on a tree, place it in the available farm equipment like planters, or on the grasses.

The snake will scare not only the birds but also other pests like rabbits and moles, among others. 

If the problem is severe, you can do a combination of different effective repellent techniques, for example, fake snakes and giant balloons.

The wind makes the bags move and appear to be a large predator. Such methods ensure that your garden is not impressive to birds. 

Types of Rubber Snakes

There are various types of fake rubber snakes available in the market.

The decision on which rubber snake to go for will depend on the budget, user preference, and how practical the snake(eg bimini blind snake) is. It is essential to have complete information about each brand to help you make the right decision.

Below are the different rubber snakes that exist in the marketplace.  

Homdipoo Realistic Fake Rubber Toy Snake Black

Fake snake black has a yellow belly and a black body. The snake cannot stretch; it remains coiled. It is useful in keeping away birds and cats and also acts as a toy.

Fake snake black is about 49 inches from the head to tail, 0.6 inches in diameter, and roughly weighs 200 grams. It looks exactly like a real snake and has a rubber smell, especially when you are buying it. This rubber snake is durable, non-toxic, but not flexible. 

VEDANSHI Rubber Black Mamba Snake

The body is entirely black, but the color may vary with different species, and approximately weighs 250 grams.

It has non-toxic paints and a durable rubber material. The body is nearly 51 inches long and 3.9 inches thick. The snake can be useful in repelling birds, home décor, and a game toy. There are other black mamba rubber snakes from different companies such as DE Realistic Rubber Black Mamba Snake. The products have almost the same features. 

Wild Republic Rock Python Rubber Snake

Rock python rubber snake comes with natural colorings and weighs approximately 100 grams.

This snake’s body measurement is as follows; 26 inches long from the body to the tail and a thickness of 0.8 inches. Wild Republic is the manufacturer of this valuable product that plays a significant role in scaring the birds. The snake is flexible and has a durable rubber making it to give you a long service.  

Wild Republic Green Garter Rubber Snake

It has a green body and a long tongue extending out. Garter rubber snake gives a perfect reaction in controlling the birds and can make a pleasant décor in the house.

It is made of a long-lasting rubber and has an approximate body length of 46 inches. It is easy to clean this lifelike snake with clean water and soap. The snake is non-toxic since it is phthalate and lead-free.

There exist other varieties and sizes of the garter rubber snake. You can obtain this product at a very cheap price, about $8.99, and anywhere in the world at a low import fee from the sellers. 

Wild Republic Eastern Cotton Rubber Snake

This rubber snake comes in a variety of welcoming colors such as orange, and the body length is approximately 46 inches and 2 inches thick, but the size varies.

It also has multiple uses and gives excellent results in controlling the birds. The snake is durable and can provide a long service if you manage it well. Wild republic manufacturers value the quality, and they always ensure you get the best products. The snake is cheap, approximately $8.30, and delivery is done in most of the countries by different sellers. 

Burmese Python Rubber Snake

Burmese is among the giant python snakes in the world, mainly inhabiting Southeast and South Asia.

This rubber snake looks exactly like a live Burmese from a distance, with realistic copper and yellow colors, and this makes it the right product to keep birds away from your home and garden.

The snake can weigh approximately 272 grams and has a body length of 46 inches, though the sizes may differ. It does not lay straight but has a rigid and durable rubber material. It is flexible and works fantastic. 

Scarlet Rubber Snake

Typically, actual scarlet snakes are non-poisonous and are present in the Southeastern United States.

It has a red body with black and white stripes. The size of the body varies depending on the customer preference. The body remains coiled, durable, flexible, phthalate and lead-free, and you can easily clean the snake. It is a beautiful rubber snake with impressive impacts on your garden in repelling the birds. 

The other examples of rubber snakes are Albino python, vinyl, corn, blue rock, COTOSEY rubber lifelike, Fun central realistic rubber snakes, Boley jumbo snakes, among others. The list is big.   

Best Rubber Snake to Scare Birds

There are enormous rubber snakes that exist in the market. Making a self-decision on which brand to go for is not an easy task. However, there are specific characteristics that will help every customer purchase the best products.

The same features apply when buying a rubber snake. These factors are product description, durability, quality, product value, and the ratings from previous customers. 

Following the above guidelines, there are those rubber snakes that qualify to be the best product to buy to keep birds away from your properties productively. A few of these best rubber snakes are;

  • DE Realistic rubber black mamba snake toy garden props 52 inches in length.
  • Fun Central 12 pack-Realistic rubber snake toys for the garden in bulk- about 22 inches. 
  • SAVITA realistic rubber snakes. 

Where to Buy Rubber Snakes

Rubber snake products are available in various companies in the world who mostly operate online or offline and can deliver their goods to the different countries.

Examples of the online businesses selling rubber snakes are millee.org, Amazon.com, Alibaba.com, warmart.com, eBay.com, etc. 


Amazon is an accessible online business in the U.S, and they deal with many product varieties.

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Other companies are participating with Amazon services and advertising, such as the Prank crazy.

These companies also sell rubber snakes; for instance, Homdipoo is available in the Prank crazy company and Amazon.

They offer free shipping on goods worth $25 and above to U.S inhabitants and a very fair price to other places. They deliver the product between 5-8 days after successfully placing the order. In Amazon, it is their commitment to giving the best services to customers. 


Alibaba is a China company that operates online and is present in other countries such as Japan, India, Vietnam, and Thailand.


eBay is a multiproduct online business, and they offer super deals to their customers.


Walmart is among the largest retailers throughout the world with very cheap and quality retail and wholesale goods.

Do Rubber Snakes Keep Mice Away?

Do Rubber Snakes Keep Mice Away?
Do Rubber Snakes Keep Mice Away?
Rubber Snakes Keep Mice Away
Rubber Snakes Keep Mice Away

Mice have a powerful sense of smell that they use to identify the presence of predators like snakes and to get food. 

Because of their keen sense of smell, mice are capable of distinguishing between a real snake and a fake one. Their poor eyesight may see the rubber snake as a scary snake, but through smelling, they will know there is no snake around. 

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Our gardens need birds because they play significant roles. However, if the birds are consuming the corns and bellies, eliminating them is necessary.

The use of fake snakes to scare birds away is indeed a magical solution, and your garden or home will be free bird areas. Always move the rubber snakes within the garden.

If a person comes along a snake and eventually realizes it is fake, the fear that strikes will disappear at first glance. The same will apply to birds if the repellant remains static.

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  1. I hve been woken many times recently by a wood pigeon very early in the morning.
    I live on the 5th floor of an appartment,I attached two rubber snakes to the hand rails of thr balcony. The next morning the pigeon was calling, STANDING ON a snake – some deterent!!


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