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How Much Do Axolotls Cost In Canada?

Axolotls are incredibly cute amphibians that make great pets. These exotic pets are also known for their affordability and easy maintenance.

If you are looking for an exotic pet that doesn’t cost that much, an axolotl is one of the best options out there. 

Many pet enthusiasts living in Canada wonder how much an axolotl actually costs. While an axolotl is relatively inexpensive, its tank, feeders and other accessories incur additional costs. 

In this post, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the axolotls cost in Canada.

Here we will also answer some frequently asked questions about axolotls. Keep reading. 

Are Axolotls Legal In Canada?

You can legally sell, buy, own or axolotl breed throughout most of Canada. However, owning an axolotl is illegal in British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island

To own an axolotl in Nova Scotia, you need a permit. In Manitoba, owning axolotls is illegal in Winnipeg, but perfectly legal in all other areas of the province. 

Axies’s illegal to own axolotls in Maine, California, Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. In New Mexico and Hawaii, you need a permit to own axolotls. 

Here is a list of exotic pets that are legal in Canada:

  • Mini Donkey
  • Capybara
  • Serval
  • Fennec Fox
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Wallaby
  • Muntjac Deer
  • Sugar Glider

The following pets are illegal in Canada: 

  • Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and other artiodactyla
  • Wolves, coyotes, hybrid wolf dogs, foxes and other canidae—except dogs
  • Bats such as flying foxes, fruit bats, myotis and other chiroptera
  • Sloths, armadillos, anteaters and other edentates
  • Leopards, tigers, cougars

How Much Do Axolotls Cost In Canada?

The price of a healthy axolotl can be anywhere between $30 and $75. There are 3 main factors that determine the price:

An adult axolotl
An adult axolotl
  1. Age and Health Status

The price of an axolotl largely depends on its age and health status, but not its sex. It is in part because an axolotl’s gender cannot be determined until the animal has reached adulthood.

A young axolotl costs less than an adult one because one has to spend time and money to take care of an axolotl. Weaker axolotls are cheaper than stronger ones. 

How do you know if an axolotl is healthy? Well, here are some signs. A healthy axie looks active, and its body looks plump. Its skin is smooth, not flaky.

The movement of a healthy axolotl seems easy and effortless. Do not buy an axolotl with a curled tail—it’s a huge red flag. 

  1. Availability

Easily available breeds less than rare ones. A rare axolotl can cost up to $1000. In the table below, we are going to show the availability and prices of different types of axolotls. 

No.Color/Type of AxolotlAvailabilityAverage Price (around)
1Wild AxolotlCommon$40
2White Albino AxolotlCommon$40
3Leucistic AxolotlCommon$45
4Speckled Leucistic AxolotlCommon$50
5Golden Albino AxolotlUncommon$50
6Green Fluorescent Protein AxolotlUncommon$55
7Black Melanoid AxolotlUncommon$65
8Heavily-Marked Melanoid AxolotlUncommon$75
9Copper AxolotlUncommon$100
10Lavender AxolotlRare$115
11Firefly AxolotlRare$250
12Piebald AxolotlRare$300
13Enigma AxolotlRare$1,500
14Mosaic AxolotlVery RareNot sold
15Chimera AxolotlVery RareNot sold
Axolotl cost based on color/type

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  1. Your Location

When you are buying an axolotl, take delivery fees into consideration. The shipping fees can vary greatly depending on  your location.

Go to a local pet store if you can. If you buy the animal online, get ready to pay an additional $40-$60 for shipping. 

Where Can You Buy An Axolotl In Canada?

In Canada, there are many places where you can buy an axolotl. If you are living in a place not far from Barrie, Ontario, consider visiting Doogan’s Pet Center.

There are plenty of axolotl enthusiasts and private breeders who are willing to sell axolotls. There are countless aquatic stores throughout Canada, and many of these stores sell axolotls. 

Cost of Keeping Axolotls

Purchasing an axolotl is just the beginning of the journey. In order to keep an axolotl as a pet, you have to take set up cost, monthly cost, and veterinary cost into consideration. 

First, you will have to invest in a tank in which the new pet will live. For an adult axolotl, a 20-gallon tank is the minimum requirement.

For a juvenile axie, however, you can get away with a 10-gallon aquarium. 

A brand new 20-gallon tank is going to cost anywhere between $80 and $300. If you are on a budget, don’t get scared. You may find an old tank for as little as $20. 

You may not want to keep your little friend in an empty tank. So, get ready to spend $40-$80 on lighting and filtration.

A substrate for the tank will cost around $10. Keeping some aquatic plants in the tank is also a good idea. Some of these items are available together as a kit. 

Second, recurring care costs which basically mean buying food. Bloodworms, earthworms, and brine shrimp are the best food options for axolotls in captivity.

These food items are pretty cheap, costing less than $50 annually for an axolotl. 

And third, veterinary cost. Axolotls do not frequently require medical attention, but make sure you take your little friend to a veterinarian at least once a year.

If you notice signs of symptoms of any medical abnormalities, address them without delay. 

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Are Axolotls Good Pets?

Axolotls are friendly, interactive, and easy to care for. If housed and fed properly, an axolotl lives up to 10 years.

For all these reasons, axolotls are quickly becoming one of the most popular exotic pets. 

These amphibians are docile pets; they don’t usually show aggressive tendencies.

They are not good for cohabitation with other animals but if you still want to keep tank mates, there are some safe options such as guppy fish, white cloud mountain minnows, zebra danios, apple snails, and small shrimp

If you are looking for a pet you would like to play with, an axolotl may not be the best option out there. But if you derive pleasure from just observing your pet, you will not regret keeping an axolotl. 

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Final Words

Axolotls are inexpensive, starting at as low as $40.  Even the rarest types are more affordable than some other exotic pets.

These amphibians require accessories that are not that expensive, and that’s another reason why so many beginner pet owners are showing interest in axolotls. 

With that said, cost is just one aspect of owning a pet. It is more about your willingness to take care of the animal.

Yes it requires commitment. If you think you have the time and passion, go ahead and purchase a cute axolotl. 

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