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Can Axolotls Eat Chicken Meat?

Bearing in mind that axolotls are meat-eaters, you may be wondering if you can share some chicken meat with your pet axie. Can axolotls eat chicken meat?

We know that chicken meat has a lot to offer to us nutritionally, but will it also have the same benefits on axolotls?

Remember that these creatures will eat anything they can suck in their mouth; it’s beyond them to know what is healthy or not. The task is on you to ensure that your axolotl gets what is healthy and suitable.

My goal for writing this article is to share everything you need to know about axolotls eating chicken meat. Read on to be illuminated on the same.

Can Axolotls Eat Chicken Meat?

Yes, axolotls can eat chicken meat. So, don’t be afraid to leave some chicken meat for your beloved axolotl when you have this delicate dish.

You may want to feed axolotl the meat while it’s raw or cooked; whichever way you choose is fine. None of the meat will harm your axolotl.

Of course, you will notice your axolotl giving you that enchanting look after feeding it chicken meat.

The meat is not only tender, but it tastes very good. Furthermore, chicken meat offers many useful nutrients, especially protein.

It’s recommended to slice the meat into smaller pieces that will not make the axolotl choke, whether cooked or uncooked. It is best to let only adult axolotls eat chicken meat and not the babies.

Although there are not many reports of emergencies when allowing baby axolotls to eat chicken meat, their digestive system is still weak.

That is why you should not risk feeding the food, no matter how nutritious it is.

Raw chicken meat
Raw chicken meat

Benefits and Risks when Feeding Axolotl Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is an ideal food for axolotls because they are carnivores. These pets will not eat anything that is not an animal matter. Chicken meat does not compromise their diet.

Your aim is not for your axolotl to eat and be full with just any food. You badly need the axolotl to grow healthy and strong. Without a doubt, chicken meat will fulfill your desire. 

It comes with many valuable nutrients that every axolotl needs. The meat will bring your axolotl happiness and health.

However, don’t be attracted to meat because of its benefits and forget to consider its downsides. Yes, chicken meat can expose your axolotl to some risks if you are not careful. 

For instance, feeding large pieces of chicken meat will bring about digestive problems in axolotls.

Also, there is more to why axolotls would prefer worm over chicken meat. Compared to worms, the texture of the chicken is rather more indigestible.

Despite being rich in nutrients, raw or undercooked chicken meat may carry parasites that will make your axolotl sick.

Chicken meat can also transmit bacteria and fungus along with the protein to axolotls.

Which is the Best Chicken Meat for Axolotl?

When it comes to chicken meat, there is no specific type that you can feed your axolotl. These animals will consume any chicken meat so long as you cut the meat into appropriate sizes.

Where you buy the chicken meat matters a lot, you must source it from a reputable seller to ensure you buy properly vetted meat.

Meat that is not inspected may contain bacteria and possible diseases that cause problems to axolotls.

Axolotls can eat cooked and uncooked chicken meat, but some love raw meat while others prefer cooked chicken.

Raw chicken has more benefits than cooked chicken because it has a lot of nutrients. Cooking results in losing some nutrients, but that doesn’t mean that cooked chicken will have no advantage.

The pros of cooking chicken meat are that cooked meat is much safer and easier for axolotls to digest. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you a lot of hours to cook the meat.

If I don’t tell you what part of chicken meat contains the best nutrients for axolotls, I will be leaving essential information. Lean protein is what your axolotl needs.

You might also offer chicken heart, chicken white meat or dark meat, chicken liver, or other chicken parts.

Axolotls’ food should be free from bones, and this is something you should Never, Never, never forget.

How to Prepare Chicken Meat for Axolotl

Axolotl tank with raw chicken
Axolotl tank with raw chicken

You need to know how to prepare chicken meat for axolotls to avoid doing things that will harm your cute companion.

It’s easy to make mistakes and expose the axolotl to risks if you don’t know what you are doing.

Raw chicken meat takes the shortest time to prepare and does not involve going through complicated steps to make it ready. Below is the procedure for preparing raw chicken meat for axolotls.

Raw Meat Recipe

  • Buy quarantined chicken pieces. Quarantine and meat inspection control and avoids the consumption of sick carcasses.
  • Now that you have the meat at hand plan to rinse and dry it before everything else. Cleaning the meat beforehand helps to remove any dirt or contaminants.
  •  After the meat is dry, cut or slice it into small pieces. The pieces should be small enough to fit in your axolotl’s mouth.
  •  Avoid adding any seasoning.
  • You can use tweezers to grab the meat, lower it into the tank and closer to your axolotl, wave the meat to catch the axy’s attention and let it suck the food.

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Cooked Chicken Meat Formula

  • Initially, you will follow the same process you would do with raw meat, as explained above.
  • Then, fill a bowl of water and start boiling the meat. Boiling should take roughly 10 minutes.
  • To be safe, do not add any spices or salt to the meat before or even when boiling it.
  • Put off the heat and allow some time for the meat to cool down before feeding it to the axolotl.
  • You can also use tweezers to hold the meat and wave it to the axolotl. Your axie should see the food and come to eat.
  • Ensure to clean up whatever the axolotl does not eat as soon as possible.
  • It’s crucial to supervise axolotl feeding for safety.

How Much and How Often to Feed Axolotl Chicken Meat

Axolotls should not eat chicken meat every day since this is not the only food material they can eat. Feeding your axolotl with a balanced diet is of critical importance.

Any axolotl will be fine eating 2-3 pieces of meat once or twice per week. These animals assimilate and digest food for a long time.

Feeding axolotls infrequently prevents overfeeding and gives them adequate time to digest the meat properly.

Although chicken meat has some of the best nutrients that axolotls need, it should never serve as a staple food source. Axolotls have multiple food choices to include in their diet.

Therefore, you should combine or alternate chicken meat with other foods such as frozen meaty foods, live foods, and meat-based pellets.

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What other Meat Can Axolotl Eat?

As stated above, axolotls are not limited about what they can eat. The list of what they eat in the wild is endless, where their favorites include worms, insect larvae, snails, frog tadpoles, small fish, etc.

The captivated species should eat a replica of what their wild counterparts eat, but they also have a good appetite for chicken meat, beef meat, and fish. Small fishes are part of axolotl natural diet.

Giving axolotls fish provides them with many nutrients. You can feed them raw fish meat (e.g., salmon), but ensure it is boneless and cut into small pieces axolotls can swallow.

That’s not all; beef meat also offers valuable nutrients to axolotls. Only feed them in the right portions, and it should never be fed as a staple diet. Both beef and chicken meat form a perfect treat for axolotls.

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Final Sentences

Axolotls will eat chicken meat with relish, especially if you make it easy for them by using tweezers to wave the food in front of their face.

Some axies enjoy eating raw chicken meat, others prefer cooked chicken, but some will eat both.

If your axolotls have never had chicken meat, it’s time to try it out. This food ingredient has many valuable nutrients to make your axie healthy and happy.

Chicken meat is an occasional food for axolotls, hence should never be used as a staple food source. Always ensure to buy chicken meat from a reputable source that will be safe for your axolotl to eat.

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